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The Man Who Became King

The Man Who Became King

In 2000, the King of Anyuak dies, naming one of his sons, Adongo Agada, as his successor. Anyuak is in the Sudan, with 70,000 people; civil war has raged for more than 20 years. Adongo is reluctant: he is newly in Canada, working and trying to bring his wife and eight children to join him. He returns to the Sudan, under armed guard. We see his coronation. He's a Christian conflicted by tribal beliefs in polygamy. He wants to modernize his people, build a school, and improve farming in the face of tradition. In an impoverished, war-weary land, can he leverage power? He also needs to take care of his family. Can he find a path to be both a wise leader and a responsible father? Is it good to be king?

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