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The Lang & O'Leary Exchange (HD)

The Lang & O'Leary Exchange (HD)

Amanda Lang and Kevin O'Leary love nothing more than to take the top business issues of the day - and each other - head on. The Lang & O'Leary Exchange is all about personality, players and perspective. They'll take you inside the world of business with thought-provoking coverage and insights that draw on their own deep experience and expertise. They'll debate the financial stories that matter with inside understanding, provocative opinions, passion, and a sense of humour. They'll bring you the people who matter in the financial world - the CEOs, the policymakers, the whistleblowers - the biggest names.

The Gemini Award-winning Lang draws on her deep knowledge as a business reporter to help you navigate past the numbers and get at the real stories on Wall Street, Bay Street, Howe Street, and how they affect Main Street too. O'Leary's acumen as an investor and his ferocious devotion to the bottom line (as seen on Dragons' Den) ensure you get an original, unvarnished view of the day's business. Watch The Lang & O'Leary Exchange - they'll clash, challenge each other... and you.

(High Definition where available)

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The Lang & O'Leary Exchange is...

On the web: cbcnews.ca/money

On Twitter: @AmandaLang_CBC / @kevinolearytv

On Facebook: facebook.com/langandoleary

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