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The Hilltops

The Hilltops is an insider's exploration into the lives of six men and women living on the controversial hilltops of the West Bank/Judea and Samaria and what it all means to the on-going Middle East Conflict.

"The West Bank hilltops are a critical final frontier in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Some see them as a key to long-term peace, while others view them as a door to destiny. Following the lives of three female settler activists, this frontline observational documentary witnesses a number of women-led projects committed to inhabiting land they feel their faith has fated them to control. Engaging with settlers who willingly explain their position and visibly act on their convictions, director Igal Hecht contributes to an ongoing dialogue around issues that are so often polemic and adversarial. Moving from well-established communities on contested land, to settlers constructing walls as quickly as they're demolished by the Israel Defense Forces, the struggle is compelling visible evidence of an organized movement grounded in zealous beliefs. Can a path to peace start from the top of a hill, or is that where it ends?" - Alex Rogalski

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