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Surprise!...It's Edible Incredible!

Surprise!...It's Edible Incredible!

Add one cup Dame Edna's Neighbourhood Watch, two cups Iron Chef, a smidgen of boxing, sprinkle with some manic reality show-style challenges, and you've got Surprise! It's Edible! Incredible!, a hyper cooking show for kids that move to the beat of a DJ and gives 8 to 12 year-olds a taste for healthy living. Two kids face-off to make the most edible recipes at the most incredible surprise party they'll ever have. The would-be chefs must make it through the deliciously disgusting grosstacles in Mr. Gross' GROSSery, and then recruit some friends to help make the best meal from recipes inspired by Chef Alex Orlando, a hip young chef who "puts the cool in culinary." Hosted by Julie Zwillich.

This program belongs to the following categories:

  • Kids
  • Lifestyle & Human Interest

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