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Ron James Quest For The West (DV)

Ron James Quest For The West (DV)

A full tilt, one hour comedy homage to the lure of The Promised Land during Alberta and Saskatchewan's centennial year, as seen by Canada's box office favourite Ron James. His poetically charged, kinetically driven rants deliver an eclectic collection of observations, that cover a timeline from sod busting pioneers, to Syncrude's foot soldiers in the Ft. McMoney oil patch...all come west, hoping to reap golden boons in that Land of Opportunity, where tomorrow's shining bright as a new dream.

It's got elk and cougars and stories of Tories and Grits and blizzards and buffalo, co-ops and Grey Cups. It's a testimonial to journeys had both past and present, by a fellow traveler communing with the heart line hum of those people and place in the Big Wide Open. Oh yeah. It's funny too. (Described Video)

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