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Republic of Doyle (HD) (DV)

Republic of Doyle (HD) (DV)

REPUBLIC OF DOYLE stars Allan Hawco as the charming and bold detective, Jake Doyle, who struggles daily to navigate the complications of running the family P.I. business while keeping his very volatile private life in check.

In the sixth and final season things are looking grim, with Jake in jail after being arrested for the murder of William Cadigan Clarke, and the Doyles still reeling from Sloan's theft. They're broke, with no way to get Jake out of jail - and no leads to evidence that might exonerate him. Adding to their turmoil, the Doyles' tarnished reputation leaves them scrambling to secure work. Forced to scrape the bottom of the barrel and take every case that comes their way, they return to the types of cases that are the bread and butter of most P.I.'s -- from cheating spouses to insurance fraud cases, in order to generate Jake's bail money.

With an imminent murder trial on the horizon, Jake finally gets out on bail and tries to adhere to the terms of his parole. But Jake is a trouble magnet, and it's going to be hard for him to keep his nose clean until he goes before the judge to potentially face a lengthy prison sentence. With that as motivation, Jake pursues the evidence he needs throughout the course of the season. Will he find it in time, or will someone else get to it first and destroy his chances for freedom forever?

Sean McGinley co-stars as Doyle's partner-in-solving-crime father. The series also features Lynda Boyd, Krystin Pellerin, Mark O'Brien and Marthe Bernard.





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