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Republic of Doyle (HD) (DV)

Republic of Doyle (HD) (DV)

REPUBLIC OF DOYLE stars Allan Hawco as the charming and bold detective, Jake Doyle, who struggles daily to navigate the complications of running the family P.I. business while keeping his very volatile private life in check.

At the end of Season Four, Jake woke up in a shipping container well on its way to the vast ocean, headed to parts unknown. After chasing old foe Maurice Becker to bring him to justice, the Doyles' slippery old foe got away again - but Jake was the one who got captured this time. Question is, by whom?

Season Five kicks into high gear in the premiere episode. Jake's family doesn't know where he is or whether he's alive or dead. How long will the Republic hold without him? And will Jake be able to get out of the mess he's in without the help of his family and, more importantly, without getting killed?

Some new friends -- and some new enemies -- will come to the Republic this year as the beloved clan solve the compelling (and sometimes downright crazy) cases that land on their doorstep. Fugitives, murderers, hustlers and heists abound in the colourful port city, and the intrigue heats up in this rollicking new season of REPUBLIC OF DOYLE.

Like any family, though, the Doyles aren't impervious to fracture, and they will find themselves pulled in dramatic new directions and facing big decisions that could forever affect their relationships - or change the trajectory of their lives - for good. Whether it's for better or for worse for all of them, well, that remains to be seen.

Sean McGinley co-stars as Doyle's partner-in-solving-crime father. The series also features Lynda Boyd, Krystin Pellerin, Mark O'Brien and Marthe Bernard.





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