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Pirates: Adventures in Art (HD) (DV)

Pirates: Adventures in Art (HD) (DV)

Pirates: Aventures in Art is an animated art history adventure show for kids.

Avast, ye art lubbers! Prepare to raise anchor and set sail with the artsiest and craftiest crew of rollicking rogues ever to sail the Seven Seas! Led by Captain Leonardo, the band of bohemian brigands has escaped the drab kingdom of Queen Conformia. As she seeks to stamp out all traces of individuality among her subjects, Captain Leo and his crew of art-loving pirates set sail on daring missions to restore the creative arts lost to the communities under Conformia's sway.

Princess Cleo, the rightful heir to the throne of Chroma, stowed away aboard Leo's trusty ship, the Mona Lisa. With her, she brought the massive Encyclopedia Artifactorium - which contains all known facts about art. The two friends join forces and set out on their mission: to research as much art knowledge in the world as they can and bring it back to the Kingdom of Chroma; to help Conformia's subjects reclaim their love of the artistic spirit and individual expression; and to restore Princess Cleo to her place on the throne.

So ahoy, me hearties - or should that be 'me 'arties'? - and prepare to set sail for a series of unique adventures aboard the Mona Lisa!

(High Definition where available) (Described Video)

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