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Little Mosque On The Prairie (HD) (DV)

Little Mosque On The Prairie (HD) (DV)

Little Mosque On The Prairie is an unabashedly comedic look at a small Muslim community interacting with the denizens of a little prairie town. The sitcom reveals that although different, we are all surprisingly similar when it comes to family, love, the generation gaps and our attempts to balance our secular and religious lives while trying to understand those of others in the community.

Starring Zaib Shaikh as Amaar, a young big-city lawyer who finds his true calling as an Imam and moves west to become the spiritual leader of the small Muslim community. Carlo Rota is Yasir, a contractor married to Sarah (Sheila McCarthy), a Muslim convert. Sitara Hewitt is Rayyan, their smart, outspoken devout daughter. Manoj Sood as Baber the former Imam who harbours as many fears about western society as they do about his; Arlene Duncan is Fatima, who runs a diner; Debra McGrath as Mayor Popowicz; Neil Crone as the inciting host of a local radio program and Brandon Firla as Reverend Thorne and Aliza Velani as Layla.

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Little Mosque on the Prairie is...

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