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Based on the artwork of Montreal artist Annie Groovie, Leon is a character who lives in his own universe, constantly on the lookout for fun. His fearless, never-say-die personality and his penchant to try just about anything will often land him in trouble. But, never fear, Leon will always end up okay. In his world, the laws of physics barely apply. Whether doing cartwheels with his eye closed or going bowling with his own head, nothing ever seems to trouble him.

Following Leon, his friend Lola, and Lola's cat, as they see what new adventures they will get into. Although Leon never talks, he is always accompanied by a rich musical score and unusual sound effects. Add a lot of hilarious visual gags and you have a series of fast-paced "fun-bites" with a truly universal appeal. The stories are always fresh, funny, and just a little bit bizarre, and they will tickle the kid in all of us.

This program belongs to the following categories:

  • Kids
  • Preschool

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