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Kids' CBC celebrates and empowers Canadian children and families by giving them a voice, and creating smart, forward-thinking content that promotes children's well-being and development. Our educational mandate is to create shows that are not only age-appropriate, but also actively promotes healthy child development in all areas - cognitive, social, creative, emotional and physical. In addition to our award-winning Kids' CBC interstitial content (which specifically targets the five main areas of development), the programs in our lineup, both on air and online, have been carefully selected to reflect a balance of a child's core developmental needs. Kids' CBC programs include favourites such as The Adventures of Napkin Man!, Bookaboo, Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood, Super WHY! and Arthur.

The morning is anchored and woven together by our award-winning Kids' CBC hosts and puppets including Patty, Sid and Mamma Yamma, who provide short, comedic, and educational lessons that are specifically aimed at helping young children. Throughout the morning Canadian children and their families are celebrated in series such as Patty's Pet Parade, Kid Canada, and in birthday photos.

Watch Kids' CBC on CBC Television, weekday mornings from 7:00am to 11:00am, Saturdays at local times and Sundays from 6:00am to 9:00am

Watch Kids' CBC shows any time with the TV for Me app for iPad

Follow Kids' CBC on twitter @KidsCBC and @CBCParents, and Facebook.com/KidsCBC

Find us online at KidsCBC.ca, cbc.ca/kids and cbc.ca/parents

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