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Heartland (HD) (DV)

Heartland (HD) (DV)

HEARTLAND continues to be a sprawling multi-generational saga about a family getting through life together in both happy and trying times. Against the glorious backdrop and stunning vistas of the foothills of Alberta, HEARTLAND continues to tell stories about people Canadians from across the country have grown to love and welcome into their homes.

Season Seven of HEARTLAND is about taking risks and putting it all on the line for what you believe in. As the family struggles to cope with recent changes at the ranch, Amy (Amber Marshall) realizes she must reclaim her "Miracle Girl" status and focus on her work with horses. By mid-season, Amy will experience a trauma that irrevocably changes her life. She will grow even closer to Ty (Graham Wardle) as they face difficult questions about the future. The rest of the HEARTLAND family will take on new challenges and fight for what they believe in most: love, family, and a home you can always come back to.

Featuring: Michelle Morgan, Shaun Johnston, Chris Potter, Jessica Amlee, Nathaniel Arcand, Kerry James, Gabriel Hogan, Alisha Newton.

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  • Drama

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