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Heartland (HD) (DV)

Heartland (HD) (DV)

This fall, HEARTLAND continues the saga of a Western family as they chase big dreams and manage life's setbacks, while holding on to what matters most: courage, love, family, and a home you can always come back to.

Season nine is a brave new world for everyone in the Bartlett and Fleming families. It's another chapter in their lives as they each undergo a sea change of one kind or another.

Amy (Amber Marshall) and Ty (Graham Wardle) are in the throes of newly wedded bliss, looking forward to a place of their own and the fulfillment of their dream of working together. Ty becomes Dr. Borden after his graduation from vet school and that makes it possible for them to combine his traditional vet expertise with Amy's more intuitive and homeopathic methods.

At the same time, Lou (Michelle Morgan) and Peter's (Gabriel Hogan) marriage is going through the painful steps of separation and Lou is just beginning to figure out life as a truly single mom. Georgie (Alisha Newton) is keenly feeling the effects of this change and must work her way through all the emotions that any child goes through when their parents are separated. Her continued love of horses helps to keep her head above water when the going gets rough.

In the meantime, Tim (Chris Potter) moves cautiously toward another serious relationship with Casey (Victoria Pratt), and through it all, Jack (Shaun Johnston) and Lisa (Jessica Steen) experience their own highs and lows as they watch over the rest of the clan as best they can.

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