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Generations: A Century on the Siksika Reserve

Generations: A Century on the Siksika Reserve

Strater Crowfoot has been the Chief of the Siksika Reserve for half of the last two decades. Siksika is a Blackfoot Nation in Southern Alberta and one of the largest Reserves in Canada. Strater and his large family of siblings are descendent from the great Chief Crowfoot who signed the important Treaty 7 and made peace with the Government in Ottawa in 1877. The Crowfoots are proud of their heritage and committed to the legacy of leadership handed to them by their Great, Great Grandfather. Through the passing of the buffalo, the creation of the Reserve, through prairie drought, residential schools and alcoholism, this family as persevered and today Strater and his brothers and sisters are all accomplished professionals with 20 university degrees between them. We meet Amelia Crowfoot, who has two masters degrees and is now president of Old Sun Community College on the Reserve. Deanna Crowfoot is currently working on a PhD in History. Strater Crowfoot’s MBA qualifies him to run the big corporation the Reserve has become. Bert Crowfoot is the Chief Executive Officer of Aboriginal Multi-Media Society, which owns five newspapers and a radio station. The Crowfoots credit their parents, and a drastic decision they made to send their children away to school, for their success.

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