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Diamonds (HD)

Following a trail of greed and obsession, this powerful two-part mini-series traces the international web that brings us diamonds - the world's purest and most dazzling gems. From the fashionable enclaves of London, to the icy tundra of the Canadian Arctic, to the war-ravaged villages of Sierra Leone, the miniseries takes television viewers inside an industry that is among the world's most glamorous, but which can also be dangerous - and illegal. The illustrious cast includes: James Purefoy as Lucas Denmont, Judy Davis as Joan Cameron, Derek Jacobi as Piers Denmont, Louise Rose as Luna Koroma, Joanne Kelly as Stephanie Dresser, Stephen McHattie as Llewellyn Anderson, Kris Holden-Ried as Denver Beeston, Ben Ayres as Steve Dyson, Jeremy Crutchley as Michale Sloane, Glen Gould as Archie Nighthorse and Brendan Penny as Tom.

(High Definition where available)

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  • Mini Series

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