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Crimes of Passion

Without judgment, Crimes of Passion will unravel the events that take love to its darkest place. Not that we might ever be able to explain, only that we might find a way to understand how someone, who seemingly functions in other areas of their lives, might lose their balance enough to commit the unthinkable in a passionate rage.

These crimes are not pre-meditated. In all stories, the perpetrator has no previous convictions, and has shown no violent tendencies. Driven by love, or in most cases, the potential loss of love, these people lose themselves to all logic or sense of right and wrong - for a deadly moment of time. For some it’s only a moment, for others a slow walk into the halls of what many a defense attorney would define as insanity. Less a study of the criminal or pathologic mind, the series is about people like you and me who venture away from themselves.

We can all recall moments in our lives when driven by an intensely dark and passionate moment, we might have been capable of anything. We like to think it could never happen. We wrap ourselves safely in the knowledge that our better selves, our logical mind, will always win out. That no matter what we might be thinking, in any given moment, our choice to act or not act is always within our grasp.

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