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Once a year, a grueling open sea race is run between two ruggedly beautiful islands in the North Atlantic. The Great Fogo Island Punt Race to There and Back is a 16 kilometer test of endurance and strategy in small, traditionally built wooden punts.

In the inaugural race, Aiden Adams and Aneas Emberley placed first; their names the first to grace the Golden Oars trophy. Jim Edwards and Dave Diamond were a close second in a punt Jim built himself.

A year later, Aiden and Jim will meet again. This time with 19 other teams eager for bragging rights. But Jim now has a new punt. A punt he built specifically for the rematch. He’s made her a little tippy – or, as the locals call it, cranky – so she’ll ride the waves with ease. Is a cranky punt the key to victory?

Meanwhile, Mona Brown and Gertie Wells – a team of local moms – steal time away from work and home to train for their attempt at the challenging race.

CRANKY is an endearing story of three teams competing to be local champions in an open sea race like no other in North America. It is also a poignant look at an island way of life and a seafaring culture that has changed little over the centuries.

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