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C'est la vie

C'est la vie

C'est La Vie is dedicated to the proposition that Canadians are curious about each other. There is a whole world of French-language media, literature, humour and ideas out there, and C'est La Vie is a window to that world.

The program tells the stories of French-speaking Canadians, both in Québec and in the rest of the country. It is not a program about politics, the Constitution or national unity, but it doesn't shy away from controversy. The program examines French-speaking life in areas such as media, arts and culture, sports and business.

C'est La Vie continues to explore life in French-speaking Canada with interviews and documentaries from across the country. It celebrated the career of diva Diane Dufresne, introduced listeners to the young new wave of politically engaged Quebec filmmakers, and profiled disabled Quebec rocker, Martin Deschamps.

The show delves into the past, challenging popular myths about the King's Daughters who populated New France, discovering Nunavut's French history, and evaluating the impact of Bill 101, 25 years later.

C'est La Vie also remains on top of current events, dissecting the controversy over Norman Lester's "Livre noir du Canada anglais", going behind the scenes with journalists working in both official languages, and talking to Montreal's Arab community in the wake of September 11th.

On a lighter note, C'est La Vie has traced the origins of the humble Poutine, celebrated French love songs, and remembered the grande dame of Canadian cuisine, Jehane Benoît.

The popular "Word of the Week" segment features Johanne Blais of the Canadian Bilingual Dictionary project and tells tales about distinctly Canadian French words and phrases. This is a feature listeners say has enriched their vocabularies and given them new ways to express themselves, and is one of the programs most popular features.

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