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CBC Radio Sports

John Hancock and Kevin Sylvester are the hosts of CBC RADIO SPORTS. They are heard across the country on every morning show, from 6 to 9 a.m., Monday to Friday. John and Kevin provide host-driven sportscasts that put events, games and scores into perspective. They will analyze the sports coverage and tell you what to look for, as well as why someone or a particular event is important. Their morning shift is a marathon of broadcasts for listeners from one end of the country to the other.

John Hancock works out of the CBC Halifax location. You will hear his broadcasts in Halifax, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Calgary. John also provides a non-interactive broadcast for the Maritimes and Newfoundland.

Kevin Sylvester is in the CBC Toronto broadcast building. He can be heard in Toronto, Montreal, Regina and Vancouver. He also provides non-interactive broadcasts for Ontario (except Ottawa) and B.C. Kevin also provides two sports packages for CBC Radio Two, heard following World Report each weekday.

Teddy Katz is a CBC Radio Sports reporter, whose investigative, enterprising sports journalism sets him apart from his peers. His material can be heard on the national news services, on sportscasts, and on current affairs shows.

The CBC RADIO SPORTS team knows the players and is on top of the issues within the Canadian Olympic Association and the I.O.C. They specialize in amateur sports, the athletes and the stories behind the stories. You won't hear them talk about last night's hockey game, but you will hear about the Hockey Sports Summit and its impact on Canadian parents, or how the NHL kept one of the country's top prospects out of the game because of his colour.

CBC RADIO SPORTS is known for appealing to those listeners who don't normally listen to sports. You won't hear shopping lists of names and numbers, but you will hear a gem worth repeating at the water cooler.

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