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Canadian, SO?

Canadian, SO?

An eclectic mix both new Canadians and old draw upon personal stories to explore our national character.

Tapestry of voices from across the country, Canadians new and old; some well known achievers like artist Mary Pratt, writers Sharon Butala, Isabel Huggan, Alberto Manguel and Shani Mootoo, designer Bruce Mau, Blue Rodeo's Jim Cuddy, composer Alexina Louie, hockey player Hayley Wickenheiser, columnist Margaret Wente; some unknown young artists, students, an aid worker, filmmakers, immigrants and the parents of a peacekeeper killed by a land mine. In addition, comedian Bette MacDonald performs several short monologues on various themes.

Each of our voices talk about how our history, our landscape and our place in the world have shaped a unique Canadian identity that is open, tolerant, and sometimes complacent

This program belongs to the following categories:

  • Opinion & Commentary
  • Lifestyle & Human Interest
  • Special
  • Documentary

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