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Being Erica (HD) (DV)

Being Erica (HD) (DV)

Being Erica is a one-hour series that explores the life of Erica Strange, a woman who has been given a wonderful gift. Every episode, Erica goes back to relive a regret from her past, in order to come back and make a positive change in her present.

In the first season Erica suffers a series of mishaps that ultimately land her in the hospital, where she meets the mysterious Dr. Tom - a therapist who seems to know a lot about her. He issues a bizarre challenge - if she wants to fix her life, he can help her. Desperate, Erica accepts his terms and after a brief and bizarre therapy session, during which she provides him with a list of her life's greatest regrets, she finds herself launched back into her own past to make different choices this time around.

Season two Erica is worldlier, more accountable, and more experienced in the ways of time travel. If season one introduced her to time travel, season two is about questioning and exploring its dynamics. Erica is no longer the inexperienced patient traveling wide-eyed through time. This Erica is more skilled in the Dr. Tom school of therapy and, while continuing to undergo it to learn more about herself through her life's regrets, will seek out answers to the more complex questions surrounding time travel, Dr. Tom, his brand of therapy, and her place within it.

Season three is about transformation. This year, everything in Erica's life - her job, her love life, even her therapy with Dr. Tom - is starting anew, and getting turned upside down in the process. Now Erica is learning from other people's journeys, and finding that by helping others, she is in fact helping herself.

In season four of BEING ERICA, everything comes full circle for Erica Strange . This season we will see many familiar faces as Erica embarks on doctor training under the guidance of Dr. Tom who assigns her friends and family as trial patients. With the patients unaware that she is treating them, Erica travels back in time with them through her own life to learn how to sort through the issues at hand.

Erin Karpluk, Michael Riley, Sebastian Pigott, Adam Fergus, Kathleen Laskey, John Boylan, Reagan Pasternak, Morgan Kelly, Joanna Douglas, Brandon Jay McLaren, Devon Bostick, Bill Turnbull, Michael P. Northey, Adam MacDonald, Paula Brancati, and Tyron Leitso.

Being Erica is...

On the web www.cbc.ca/beingerica

On Twitter @BeingErica

On Facebook www.facebook.com/cbcbeingerica

Original broadcast: Fall 2009

(High Definition where available) (Described Video)

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  • Drama
  • Comedy

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