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AWA O GBE: An African Adventure

AWA O GBÉ: An African Adventure is a documentary filled with vivid colours and music. The ochre of the earth, the women's multicoloured boubous, the sounds of vocal and instrumental music. It follows René Dupéré and Élise Velle on their African adventure. René Dupéré, musical creator for Cirque du Soleil, and his partner Élise Velle, solo singer and interpreter of Cirque du Soleil's music, have been involved with a humanitarian aid project in Benin for the past 7 years. René and Élise initiated, financed and continue to supervise this project. Twice every year, they go to Porto Novo, the capital city of Benin, to see how activities are proceeding, check the project's pulse and evaluate its needs. This film provides a privileged opportunity to penetrate to the heart of neighbourhoods, clans and communities, sharing in the intimacy of families and women's lives.

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  • Documentary

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