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Arctic Air (HD) (DV)

Arctic Air (HD) (DV)

Starring Adam Beach as Bobby Martin, Pascale Hutton as Krista Ivarson and Kevin McNulty as Mel, ARCTIC AIR is a Yellowknife-based series following a maverick airline and the extended family of unconventional people who run it.

With the thrill of adventure pulsing through it, ARCTIC AIR is about community and family. It is about who we are and how we live, refracted through the unique dramatic prism of the Canadian north.

Season Two picks up three months after the deadly crash that ended Season One. The airline continues to expand and grow under Bobby's leadership, but it is not without its challenges. Does Mel recover? Is Krista's engagement off with Blake? Does Bobby and Krista's relationship continue? It's a messy triangle that only gets more complicated throughout the season. Hostility between Bobby and Dearman continues to simmer, made worse by Dearman's investments in Yellowknife. Blake, Dev, Astrid, Petra, Connor, Hailey, Kirby, Caitlin, Nelson, Loreen and Cece will all struggle with difficult personal issues during the course of the season.

(High Definition where available) (Described Video)

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  • Drama

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