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Animalia (HD)

Graeme Base's international best-selling picture book Animalia will come to life in this high-end CGI animation series. The series features two contemporary kids, Zoe and Alex, who visit the extraordinary land of Animalia, a spectacular place inhabited by talking animals from the pages of Graeme Base's classic book. Mysterious events have undermined the very fabric of Animalian civilisation and Zoe and Alex and their new best friends, G'Bubu and Iggy (a huge green gorilla and a small but heroic iguana) will do everything they can to restore peace and order to Animalia.

Animalia blends comedy, adventure and mystery in its stories, targeting six- to nine-year-olds. But, like the original picture book, it will entertain the whole family. The episodes will also open young viewers' eyes to the vast power of language and introduce them to the importance of communication skills.

(High Definition where available)

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  • Kids
  • Preschool

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