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Six people stand alone under the endless canopy of the Amazon Raid Forest. The only survivors of a commercial air wreck. Unseen and unsought by the outside world.

A young boy. An airline stewardess. A wise-cracking mechanic. An ambitious heart surgeon. A Diva. A teacher dying of cancer... They are lost in one of the most dangerous environments on Earth. A jungle the size of the continental United States where the only law observed is the law of survival.

Forgotten. Isolated. But they are not alone. For deep in the forest there exists a world never before seen by outside eyes. A world swallowed up by time itself. Where hostile natives an unknown terrors lurk in the shadows. But most mysterious of all, the legendary Ghost People, a white tribe, descendents of European settlers marooned since the 17th Century, unaware of the outside world and unprepared for changes our survivors bring.

From poisonous snakes to man-eating jaguars. From soldier ants to tribal warfare, Every day brings a new way to die. Like the jungle that surrounds and entraps them, time itself is an enemy. For our six unwilling adventurers, only two things matter anymore. Survival and Escape.

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  • Drama

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