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Air Farce New Year's Eve 2016 (HD) (DV)

Air Farce New Year's Eve 2016 (HD) (DV)

AIR FARCE NEW YEAR'S EVE 2016 stars Don Ferguson, Luba Goy, Craig Lauzon, Aisha Alfa, Darryl Hinds, Emma Hunter, and -- returning after a six-year hiatus -- fan favourite Jessica Holmes.

The 2016 special satirizes the biggest news stories and events from the past year, from Rihanna to Stranger Things to Olympic gold-medal winners. We also take on the biggest crazes of the year, including zombies, Fitbit, and Pokemon Go. And, of course, there's the annual dropping of the infamous F-Bomb. Through our website, AIR FARCE fans sound off on their most irritating targets of the past year; the top five picks get a richly-deserved Farce Bomb filled with monstrously messy guck dropped on them from 50 feet above. Who will get splat on this year?

(High Definition where available) (Described Video)

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