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72 Hours: True Crime (HD)

72 Hours: True Crime (HD)

Every detective knows that the first 72 hours after a crime are crucial to solving it. 72 Hours: True Crime focuses on true crime mysteries from across Canada. Each half-hour episode focuses on one unforgettable crime where there were no eyewitnesses.

(High Defintion where available)

Through a cinematic blend of dramatic re-enactments and potent documentary footage, each episode features interviews with the actual detectives and forensic scientists who worked on Canada's most notorious and virtually unsolvable cases. Murder, assault, robbery, hijacking and arson – 72 Hours: True Crime takes the viewer through the painstaking investigative process until the case is solved and the criminal convicted. In the end, justice is always served.

This program belongs to the following categories:

  • Drama
  • Documentary

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