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Teddy Katz

Teddy Katz

Teddy Katz is a National News reporter who specializes in sports issues for CBC Radio, where he has worked since 1990.

Whether it's the Olympics, Pan American Games, Commonwealth Games, Paralympics or World Championship events, Katz has traveled the world for CBC Radio and brought the issues that matter most home to Canadians.

His distinctive documentaries and news stories often look beyond the scores to the issues that can be examined through sport. He's looked at things like human rights in China, German re-unification, and Cuba's economic plight and its affects on the island's athletes.

Katz has won several awards for his work including "Black Ice", a documentary that examined racism in hockey.

In 2003-2004, Katz was awarded the prestigious Canadian Journalism Fellowship at the University of Toronto's Massey College. He spent the academic year studying another passion- Latin American politics.

Prior to joining CBC Radio in 1990, the Carleton University journalism graduate worked as a reporter for the Hamilton Spectator in his hometown. Katz now lives in Oakville, Ontario, with his wife and daughter.

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