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Stephen Puddicombe

Stephen Puddicombe

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Stephen Puddicombe earned an Honours B.A. in Political Science and History at McGill. He is CBC Radio's National Reporter for the Maritimes but covers many international stories as well. He has worked for CBC Radio in Montreal, Ottawa, Iqaluit, Moncton, Halifax and many other locations. Stephen covered the conflict between native people and non-natives over fishing rights at Burnt Church, the SwissAir crash, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Belize, Jordan, Iraq during the lead-up to war, and the recent upheaval in Haiti.

Stephen has won many awards, including recognition from the Radio and Television News Directors' Association, the Canadian Nurses' Association, and the New York Festivals. The high point for him so far was doing a profile of an afghan woman who was crippled by Taliban beatings just because she walked unescorted to a bakery to help the needy. "She became one of my heroes," he says. Stephen describes his hobbies as salmon fishing - "at least standing in the river and pretending to know what I am doing" - and driving editors crazy with his poor spelling. The best part of his job - apart from the privilege of doing one of the most interesting and exciting jobs - is "coming home, opening my door and being tackled by my three girls and being smothered in hugs and kisses."

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