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REAGAN PASTERNAK, as Julianne Giacomelli

Reagan Pasternak started her career as a singer, dancer and fronting a band before landing roles in television and film. Reagan's first major role was in the TV movie, Hard Times: The David Milgaard Story, soon followed by her breakout role as a lead actress in the Disney series, In A Heartbeat. She has since guest starred in numerous hit series such as Due South, Earth: Final Conflict, The Associates, Mutant X, Blue Murder, CSI Las Vegas, Little Mosque on the Prairie, The Border and Hemingway Versus Callahan, which earned her a Gemini nomination.

Pasternak has proven herself to be a wonderful comedic actress with leading roles as "Veronica" the bitchy redhead in The Brady Bunch In The White House, and the first MOW produced for MTV, Jail Bait! She has also shot several pilots including The Pool at Maddy Breaker's for 20th Century Fox, and starred in the Los Angeles Musical premiere of SNEAUX alongside Kristen Bell.

At present Reagan plays Julianne Giacomelli in the hit series Being Erica.

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