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Michelle Morgan

Michelle Morgan

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Michelle is the fourth of six children from a Chilean-Canadian family.

She was born in Calgary and grew up moving between Vancouver and

Toronto. She developed her love of acting while goofing off with her

high school improvisation team, and went on to study drama at the

University of Toronto. Michelle began her acting career on the stage,

performing in everything from Shakespeare, to a British farce to new

plays developed with her peers. She never stopped goofing off, and

loves to take part in live sketch comedy, notably performing at Laugh

Sabbath nights in Toronto.

Michelle's first appearance on the big screen was the lead role in

George A. Romero's "Diary of the Dead." Other notable appearances

include "Stargate Atlantis," "The L Word," "Bunnyhug" and "The Smart

Women's Survival Guide."

Free time Michelle has is spent hanging out with her family,

snowboarding, surfing, cooking, writing, and growing plants. For many

years she has volunteered with Women's Shelters across Canada,

developing drama workshops for children and public speaking workshops

for mothers. Michelle believes that everyone has a right to a safe and

loving home.

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