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Michele Romanow

Michele Romanow

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Michele Romanow, 30, is the co-founder of Buytopia.ca - one of Canada's top daily deal sites, recently ranked #3 on Canada's list of fastest growing companies. Featured on the list of 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada, Forbes also chose Michele as the only Canadian to rank as one of the top 20 most disruptive "Millennials on a Mission."

Michele has a diverse background, with four businesses, an engineering degree and an MBA already under her belt. She launched her first business - Tea Room, a zero-consumer-waste coffee shop - on campus in 2006 while studying at Queen's University. She then built Evandale Caviar, a vertically integrated fishery that distributed high-end sturgeon caviar to luxury hotels and restaurants. Her current passion lies in building tech businesses; after building up Buytopia, she created her latest venture, Snapsaves, a mobile savings platform which was recently acquired by American couponing giant Groupon.

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