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Lyida Neufeld

Lyida Neufeld

Lydia Neufeld is a valuable member of the newsroom, who has been working with CBC Edmonton since 1988.

The position of co-host of Edmonton AM is actually a return to the airwaves on a regular basis, as she was a co-host fifteen years ago. Since that time Lydia has worked mainly as a CBC Radio One reporter but she has also guest-hosted Radio Active, and honed her writing skills as a writer/photo editor for cbc.ca/edmonton. When required, Lydia was always quick to slap on a bit of lipstick for a television report.

Lydia first joined CBC in Calgary during the 1988 Winter Olympics. She also worked in private radio in Calgary and various locations in British Columbia before setting down roots at CBC Edmonton.

Outside of work, Lydia is married, and the mother of three teenagers. She’s an avid runner (which she says helps to deal with the stress of having three teenagers!), and has recently discovered hot yoga, which she hopes will help to preserve her knees for many more years of running.

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