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Luba Goy

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Luba Goy was born in Europe, and grew up (at least to her 5-foot/1.5-meter height) in Ottawa. A graduate of Montreal's National Theatre School, Luba had performed at Stratford before she joined Don, John and Roger in The Jest Society. She became familiar to television viewers through series such as Bits and Bytes and Bizarre, and her voices are heard in various animated shows, including the Care Bears features. Luba's film roles have included an 18th century innkeeper in the Ukrainian film Vidma, filmed in Kiev. Her Air Farce characters include Sheila Copps, Pamela Wallin, Hana Gartner, the ever-perky Valerie Pringle, The Queen and a duck. Luba enjoys gardening, cooking, movies, reading anything by Anne Rice, collecting art, playing with her three cats and bird watching.

Birthplace: Germany, from parents of Ukrainian descent, but I was en route to Belgium!

Birthday: November 8

Star Sign: Scorpio

Lived in: Montreal, Ottawa, Belgium, Toronto, Luxembourg

Reason for becoming a performer:

It's something I've enjoyed since childhood. I was in the drama club in high school, and made up my mind then.

Favourite Air Farce characters:

Sheila Copps, Queen Elizabeth, Kim Campbell, while she lasted. I like characters with a lot of energy.

Favourite Air Farce sketches: News for the Fast of Hearing, Klutz's Hotline, all of the Queen's sketches.

Most embarrassing moment (related to Air Farce):

I was in a restaurant with a bunch of buddies, acting like an idiot, and thought no one recognized me, and then, just as I was leaving, someone stopped me to tell me how much he enjoyed Air Farce.

Biggest challenge on Air Farce:

Trying to nail the sketch without screwing up in front of a live audience.

Highlight of working on Air Farce:

The audience appreciation and feedback.

Who makes you laugh?

I Love Lucy, The Honeymooners, Carol Burnett, The Simpsons.

Your attitude towards being politically correct:

I think it's important to be politically correct, but you have to use common sense. You will always offend someone, but you try to be aware of public perception and balance it.

Who was the major influence on your career?

Miss Barbara Blackstone, my Grade 7 music teacher, who encouraged me to enter a public speaking contest, and I won! The teachers at the National Theatre School taught me how to act. Morris Podbrey from Centaur Theatre in Montreal was very encouraging. And my father, who was an actor and a writer.

What did you want to be when you were in school?

An actress.

What was your least favourite subject in school?


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