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Laura Lynch

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Laura Lynch was born in North Vancouver, B.C., and began her career with CBC as a local reporter in Prince Rupert. She continued to work with CBC in Vancouver and Victoria while she earned her law degree. After Laura was called to the bar, she moved to Ottawa, where she joined the CBC Ottawa newsroom, later becoming Parliamentary Reporter. Her legal knowledge came in handy as she covered the Supreme Court's first significant cases following the adoption of the Charter of Rights.

Laura returned to Vancouver as CBC Radio's National Reporter in B.C. in 1996, after which she attended Harvard on a prestigious Nieman Fellowship. She then moved to Washington as CBC Radio's U.S. correspondent, covering the Gore/Bush election and its aftermath, and the events of September 11th, plus the Washington Sniper shootings. She also covered events in Mexico, from the election there, to the Zapatista protests, to the stories of Mexicans who crossed the border looking for a better life.

Laura has won awards from the Radio and Television News Directors' Association and the Canadian Association of Journalists, plus the Law Society of B.C., and an Honourable Mention from the New York Festivals for her work.

In January 2003, Laura went to Jerusalem as part of the team covering the invasion of Iraq. Laura Lynch is currently CBC Radio's European correspondent.

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