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Laura Lynch

Laura Lynch

Laura Lynch is an award-winning journalist and host. In the course of her career, she has reported from around the world. From Washington D.C. during and after the attacks of September 11, 2001, from London during 9 tumultuous years that featured political turmoil and violent attacks blamed on terrorism; From Pakistan where Benazir Bhutto was attacked and then assassinated; from Israel during the war with Lebanon and its ongoing dispute with the Palestinians; from Saudi Arabia where she was detained; from Africa, where she reported undercover from Zimbabwe when western journalists were barred.

The list goes on but a consistent feature of Laura's reporting is her effort to connect with and report on those who are typically voiceless. She tries to give them a voice by listening.

After many years abroad, Laura is back where she started in Vancouver using her years of experience to carry forward stories that are both important and interesting to CBC readers, listeners and viewers.

Over the years, Laura has won the prestigious Nieman fellowship from Harvard University, awards from the British Bar Association, the Canadian Bar Association, RTNDA (Canada and U.S. ), Overseas Press Club of America, Amnesty International, RNAO and the Gabriel awards.

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