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Kady O'Malley

Kady O'Malley

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Well-known political blogger, Kady O'Malley joins the CBC News Ottawa bureau to blog on politics for CBC's new Political Portal.

O'Malley has covered federal politics for more than a decade, most recently for Maclean's, and formerly as a freelance writer for the Hill Times, the Ottawa Citizen, Canadian Business and other publications. She has appeared on CBC Newsworld, as well as The National, and is a frequent guest on CBC Radio's weekly "Ottawa Report".

O'Malley joins the CBC News team covering the political scene in the nation's capital. In addition to blogging, O'Malley will contribute to CBC News programs on all platforms. A devoted follower of the political blogsphere and a fanatic for gathering information, she has earned the reputation as Ottawa's political blog queen.

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