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Joan Leishman is a documentary reporter for CBC-TV's The National.

Joan brings 25 years of journalism experience to The National. After starting out as a freelance writer, she joined the CBC Radio team in 1986. Over the next six years Joan worked as a writer and editor, co-produced the current affairs program Media File and was a foreign field producer during the Gulf War.

The most challenging chapter of Joan's career began in 1992 when she set up CBC Radio's first bureau in Africa. From her base in Johannesburg, Joan documented South Africa's frenetic and violent transition from apartheid to multi-party democracy and the crowning of Nelson Mandela as the country's first black president. During three years in Africa, Joan also covered stories including Angola's civil war, the AIDS pandemic and the genocide in Rwanda.

In 1997 Joan was appointed as CBC TV's Mexico City bureau chief and correspondent. Along with covering South and Central America, she reported on Cuban stories such as Pope John Paul II's historic meeting with Fidel Castro and the effects of the U.S. economic embargo.

Joan is now applying her journalistic skills and foreign experience to making documentaries on current Canadian and foreign affairs.

Joan is a graduate of Ryerson University's journalism program and lives in Toronto.

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