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Jeannie Lee

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Jeannie Lee covers breaking business news for CBC News Network. Her reports are also heard regularly on CBC Radio.

Lee was born in Hong Kong and spent several years there before moving to Canada-and to new experiences such as mittens, the English language, and a TV in the living room.

She watched that TV a lot. This is how she became addicted to news. It's also how she knew-quite early on-that she wanted to be a journalist.

While still a teenager, she took the first step toward her goal. She made a cold call to the local TV and radio station. That call led to a summer job in the traffic department, which later led to an entry-level job in the television newsroom. By the time she graduated from Concordia University with a specialization in Broadcast Journalism, Lee was already working full time as a news researcher/reporter for CFCF TV.

As a daily news reporter, Lee covered everything from municipal politics to a Liberal leadership convention; local demos against property hikes to the 71-day land claims standoff in Oka, Que. She later specialized in consumer affairs. On that beat, she investigated and resolved consumer complaints and exposed scams and fraud artists.

Her next move was to the CBC-and Toronto-a whole new city to discover and cover. While at CBLT, she helped launch the new "5:30 Live" news program, contributing as reporter, producer and back-up host. She later tackled the Urban Affairs Beat, with a mandate to find and report original stories about Toronto.

Lee always had a passion for business news and for stories of entrepreneurs who turned humble beginnings into something extraordinary. This motivated her move to the business beat on Newsworld, the CBC's 24 hour news channel.

For years, Lee delivered her reports from a perch above the trading floor of the Toronto Stock Exchange. From that vantage point, she could always tell when something big was happening, because traders would react noisily and dramatically to breaking market news.

In 1997, when the floor closed, Lee moved back to the CBC, just as a new business news unit was being created. She was named co-host of a new program called "Working Day", a lively hour of interviews and market news, as the trading day unfolded.

Later in the day, she also hosted "After the Bell," which focused on all the news that companies would announce just after the markets closed.

Lee was also the host of the popular program, The Money Show, for most of its run on Newsworld. It focused on personal finance-how to make money, save it, invest it and preserve it.

She relishes the rush of live television-of witnessing and telling such dramatic stories as the collapse of Eaton's, Nortel Networks and the U.S. housing market; the rise of the loonie, oil and Google, and the power of technology to shape our lives.

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