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James  Cudmore

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James Cudmore is a national reporter in Ottawa covering Canadian and international politics and military affairs.

Working primarily for CBC Radio, Cudmore files for World Report, The World This Hour and The World at Six.

He has also been a national TV reporter, a national radio reporter, and before all of that, a national newspaper reporter, when he joined the National Post just two weeks after it launched.

Cudmore's interest in military affairs quickly led him to the paper's national pages, and eventually to Edmonton, where he covered northern Alberta and Alberta politics during the latter part of Ralph Klein's premiership.

He then moved to CBC Television in Edmonton, where he reported for Canada Now, The National and CBC Newsworld. In 2005, Cudmore moved to Ottawa to cover Parliament for CBC-TV. He shifted to radio in 2007.

Cudmore has filed at least one story from every Canadian province and territory; he's also reported from Afghanistan, Uganda, Italy, Germany, the U.K., and the U.S.

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