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Chris Howden

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Chris Howden considers himself fortunate to have two jobs: one as host of Living Out Loud, the other as writer and fill-in host on As It Happens. Over his career at CBC Radio, he also worked on This Morning and Sounds Like Canada, and is reasonably certain that he's not solely responsible for both those shows having been cancelled.

He began his CBC career in 2001, as a researcher on the program Tuning In, a celebration of fifty years of CBC Television. In that capacity, he helped select archival footage for the program -- and watched a mind-numbing forty or so hours of Front Page Challenge. He is now perhaps the country's foremost authority on that program, but no one ever asks him about it.

Prior to working in journalism, he prepared for his future role as a radio host by bartending. He can still make a mean Old-Fashioned, if you tell him what's in it.

He was born and raised in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, attending elementary and secondary school there. He's reasonably certain he's not solely responsible for both those schools having since been closed.

Along with the award-winning actor Gord Rand, he's a member of the comedy duo Trophy Wives, currently on hiatus.

Chris and his wife, Jennifer Canham -- the group publisher of OwlKids -- and his daughter, Alice, live in Toronto.

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