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Ann MacMillan

Ann MacMillan

Ann MacMillan is Managing Editor of CBC's London Bureau. She has worked in the London Bureau since 1981, when she signed on as a correspondent/producer for The Journal.

MacMillan started her career as a journalist at Toronto's CHIN Radio. In 1972 she joined the CBC as co-host of New Directions, a weekly program about senior citizens. When Global Television went on the air in 1973 she was hired as a news reporter. In 1975 she joined CTV in Toronto and moved on to become Bureau Chief of Montreal. In 1976 MacMillan was made Bureau Chief of CTV's London office.

During her long career, MacMillan has reported from Canada, the USA, Chile, Europe, the Middle East and South Africa.

MacMillan earned a BA in English from Victoria College, University of Toronto. She is married to BBC journalist Peter Snow and they have three children.

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