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Amber Marshall

Amber Marshall

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Born and raised in London, Ontario, Amber Marshall is now in her fourth

full season of portraying Amy Fleming on Heartland. She trained as part

of The Original Kids Theatre Company in London for four years and has

appeared in numerous film and television productions, displaying a

remarkable range and vulnerability.

Amber was nominated for a Los Angeles based 'Young Artist Award,' for

her work as the title character in "The Elizabeth Smart Story," a

movie-of-the-week based on the true story of the 2002 kidnapping of Utah

teenager Elizabeth Smart.

A strong actress, she has had regular roles in two television series,

"The Power Strikers" and "Dark Oracle," and has guest appeared on

different series, including "Doc."

A former veterinary assistant who is passionate about all animals, Amber

has been around horses as long as she can remember. She has been riding

since a very young age and says that the two things she loves the most -

acting and horses - have come together to create this dream role of Amy

on the "Heartland " series.

Away from production, Amber has worked at the veterinary clinic near her

home. While in production on "Heartland," Amber has made a home for

herself on a small ranch outside of Calgary where she is surrounded by

her many animals, including horses, dogs, cats, pigs, chickens, turkeys,

steers, and even a peacock.

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