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Alisha Newton

Alisha Newton

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Georgie Crawley | Heartland

Born and raised in Vancouver, Alisha Newton began auditioning for parts when she was only 4-years old and quickly began appearing in numerous commercials, but she didn't try out for television or film roles until she was 8.

In 2010 she was cast as a series regular for a Warner Bros/CW pilot as well as landing a role on "Supernatural."

Alisha will play young Annabeth in the 2013 release, "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters."

Only 11 years old, Alisha possesses a unique blend of confidence and intuition and has been described as "deep" and having an "old soul," qualities which translate on screen into natural, sincere and emotional performances.

Alisha is committed to honing her acting skills and has been taking teen acting classes for the past couple of years, working alongside actors almost twice her age.

Off screen, Alisha is known amongst her peers for her joie de vivre and she enjoys a wide variety of activities from dance, swimming, skiing and biking to just hanging out with close friends.

She also enjoys being behind the camera shooting and editing little shorts and music videos.

In the future Alisha would love to work with animals. She has been inspired by Heartland series lead Amber Marshall and would love to be a dog whisperer when she is older. That is, when the demands on her acting talents are not required.

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