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Adrienne Pan

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Adrienne Pan is currently hosting CBC News Edmonton at 5, 5:30, and 6pm on CBC television.

She was born and raised in Edmonton and was happy to return to her hometown in 2011 to host CBC News Edmonton Late Night. Previously, she worked in Winnipeg from 2003 until May 2011. During this time she worked as a radio and TV reporter, including as the Host of CBC News Winnipeg Late Night and reporting and hosting for Global Winnipeg. She has also worked for Global in Lethbridge, and for A-Channel in Edmonton.

One of Adrienne's proudest moments is winning the national Radio Television News Directors Award in the Best Long Feature category for her documentary "Saving Grace: The Harry Lehotsky Story".

Lehotsky, a fierce advocate for Winnipeg's disadvantaged, devoted his life to helping others and improving his challenged neighbourhood. The 49-year old was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer in May 2006, and died that Remembrance Day.

During that six month period, Lehotsky and his family, gave Adrienne unlimited access to their lives. His courage and incredible accomplishments inspired everyone who met him.

Adrienne considers herself a huge foodie, and spends much of her free-time checking out Edmonton’s restaurants.

Adrienne also loves traveling whenever she gets the chance. She lived in Montreal while attending McGill University and the city remains a favorite destination.

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