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Sunday March 26, 2017EDT

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12:00 AM
HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA (HD) - Colorado @ Edmonton
Colorado @ Edmonton (Live Full Network) (HD where available)
1:00 AM
Hockey Central Post (HD)
Post game interviews and analysis from around the league.
1:30 AM
Murdoch Mysteries (HD) (DV) - Series 6 - Eps 9 - Victoria Cross
An uncooperative witness impedes Murdoch's investigation into a pawnbroker's murder, and Brackenreid faces resistance while looking into the prison death of an old army buddy. Guest star: Tattiawna Jones
2:30 AM
Dragons' Den (HD) (DV) - Series IX - Eps 15
A legendary creature is spotted in the Den; an adventurous business model has the Dragons on edge; and a wild opportunity looks to breed success with a Dragon partner. Plus, a delivery business serves up their pitch, and hopes not to get fried.
3:30 AM
CBC Music Backstage Pass (HD) - Series 4 - Eps 20 - Alejandra Ribera
Jazz-folk songstress with a liquid voice - Alejandra Ribera unveils songs from her latest album This Island.
4:00 AM
Rick Mercer Report (HD) - Series 13 - Eps 9 - Best of The Mercer Report (DV)
Tonight a selection of the show's top items including Rick's ride on a vintage Lancaster Bomber and his visit to Variety Village plus Justin Trudeau's escalator tumble, Calgary's undercover toboggan cops and more.
4:30 AM
22 Minutes (HD) - Series XIX - Eps 18
Marg Delahunty, Warrior Princess returns to 22 Minutes, while Susan Kent and Meredith MacNeill head to Toronto to try their luck at 'The Bachelor Canada' auditions.
5:00 AM
The Goods (HD) - Series 1 - Eps 103
Shahir is revealing the value (and uses) of red wine when he makes a coq au vin and poached plums, Jessi is taking some husband fashion faux pas and making them handsome again and Andrea is showing you how to keep your engine revved in the bedroom.
6:00 AM
Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood (HD) (DV) - Series 2 - Eps 2 - The Baby is Here
In this half-hour musical episode everyone welcomes the new addition to the neighborhood as Margaret comes home!
6:30 AM
Super Why! (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 26 - Rumpelstiltskin
Princess Pea's father does not have time to help her tie up her skates. What's a Princess to do?
7:00 AM
Arthur (HD) (DV) - Series 19 - Eps 10 - The Last Day (Pts 1 & 2)
It's a time of change at Lakewood Elementary. Arthur and Buster are going into 4th grade. Meanwhile, D.W. and Bud prepare to enter kindergarten and Muffy and Francine contemplate how spending the summer away from each other will affect their friendship.
7:30 AM
Chirp (HD) - Series 1 - Eps 12 - Volcano Escape
Mountain Climbers Chirp, Tweet and Squawk escape a mountain-turned-spewing-volcano using bouncy metal springs to jettison to safety.
7:45 AM
Bookaboo (HD) - Series 1 - Eps 23 - Anthony Calvillo
Bookaboo is joined by legendary Canadian football league quarterback Anthony Calvillo who reads him The Legend of Ninja Cowboy Bear.
8:00 AM
Coronation Street (HD) (DV) - Eps. #9113 - Eps. #9117
Now's your chance to catch all episodes you missed from Corrie Street last week.
10:30 AM
marketplace (HD) - 44-19 - The Secret Inside Your Phone
As new science fuels the ongoing debate about cellphone safety, Wendy Mesley takes a closer look at a little known message inside your cellphone's settings and manual, telling you to keep the device 5 - 15 mm away from your body.
11:00 AM
Our Ottawa (HD)
The stories and people that our city is talking about - every week on CBC's Our Ottawa with Lucy van Oldenbarneveld.
12:00 PM
Land and Sea (HD) - The Colours of A Rainbow
She's a carpenter...she's a collector...she's a woodswoman. Denise Mouland's interests are as varied as the colours of a rainbow.
12:30 PM
Mansbridge One on One (HD) (DV) - 18-02 - Rick Hansen
Peter Mansbridge sits down with Rick Hansen, former Paralympic athlete and now advocate for the disabled, to discuss the challenges still facing those with disabilities.
1:00 PM
The Goods (HD) - Series 1 - Eps 105
Today we're pinching your pennies. Shahir has a $10 Asian salmon burger that will feed a family of 4, Steven is designing your decor on the cheap, Gail Vaz-Oxlade is here to keep you financially stable on your own, and Jessi is finding out which beauty hacks are worth spending your money on.
2:00 PM
Grand Designs (HD) - Series 8 - Eps 3 - Woodbridge
A couple want a house that will be a stunning piece of architecture as well as a low impact, ecologically sensitive home. However, before work even begins, they are dealt the cruellest blow.
3:00 PM
q (HD) - Series 10 - Eps 7 - T.I. - A.R. Rahman - Catherine Reitman - Billy Bragg & Joe Henry - Drive By Truckers
Tom Power hosts T.I., A.R. Rahman & Catherine Reitman - Billy Bragg & Joe Henry and Drive By Truckers perform live!
4:00 PM
CBC Music Backstage Pass (HD) - Series 4 - Eps 20 - Alejandra Ribera
Jazz-folk songstress with a liquid voice - Alejandra Ribera unveils songs from her latest album This Island.
4:30 PM
Exhibitionists (HD) - Series 2 - Eps 19
Words, words, words! This episode, we're indulging our love of literature, from zines to Canada Reads. Plus, take a tour of Honest Ed's. The Toronto landmark was packed with art for its farewell party.
5:00 PM
The Wonderful World of Disney (HD)
CBC is proud to present classic and contemporary Disney films the entire family can enjoy.
7:00 PM
Heartland (HD) (DV) - Series X - Eps 18 - Greater Expectations (Season Finale)
Amy, Ty and the entire Heartland family are thrilled to welcome a new member into the fold.
8:01 PM
Anne (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 2 - I Am No Bird, and No Net Ensnares Me
Hoping all is not lost; Matthew races to catch up with Anne while Marilla anxiously hopes and waits for their return to Green Gables.
9:00 PM
Canada: The Story of Us (HD) - Series 1 - Eps 1 - Worlds Collide
Pre-1608 – 1759 - Hundreds of Indigenous nations with advanced political systems and traditions live in what today is known as Canada. With the arrival of European newcomers, centuries of Indigenous traditions face sudden change, as France and England compete for a stronghold on this continent.
10:00 PM
The National (HD)
The award-winning live newscast anchored by CBC News chief correspondent Peter Mansbridge.
11:00 PM
CBC Late Night News (HD)
The latest news and weather with host Nil Köksal.
11:30 PM
the fifth estate (HD) - Series 42 - Eps 18 - The Unravelling Of Nurse Wettlaufer
Eight deaths of elderly patients under her care. Nurse Elizabeth Wettlaufer is arrested for murder. What happened? Revelations about her and her life from close friends, neighbours and the nurse's own words.

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