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Sunday April 22, 2018EDT

CBC Television

12:00 AM
Movie (HD) - Moving Day (2012)
A misfit furniture mover fantasizes about leaving his unfulfilling job for a job on a municipal road crew.
1:00 AM
Just For Laughs Gags (HD) (DV)
A camera, some clever practical jokes and a few unsuspecting "victims," and you've got Just For Laughs Gags.
1:30 AM
Murdoch Mysteries (HD) (DV) - Series 8 - Eps 12 - The Devil Wears Whalebone
Murdoch discovers that fashion is murder when a model is killed during a protest at a designer corset show. Guest starring Kari Matchett
2:30 AM
Dragons' Den (HD) (DV) - Series IX - Eps 5 - Student Special
A university couple thinks they have the magic touch; two Business majors hope their international idea will help them get a foot in the door; and the youngest entrepreneur to ever take on the Dragons hopes her lunch-break idea is appealing. Plus four brothers school the Dragons on their sweet business.
3:30 AM
CBC Music First Play Live (HD) - Series 1 - Eps 25 - Ria Mae
Ria Mae is one of Canada's hottest pop acts to come out of Halifax. She plays from her Juno nominated album My Love in an intimate performance for CBC Music.
4:00 AM
Rick Mercer Report (HD) - Series 11 - Eps 19
Tonight Rick goes to Calgary, Ottawa and Richmond Hill, ON. to visit winning schools in his show's annual Spread the Net Student Challenge.
4:30 AM
22 Minutes (HD) - Series 22 - Eps 15
This week on 22 Minutes fresh perspective on falling oil prices and the government gives CSIS new, disruptive powers.
5:00 AM
The Goods (HD) - Series 2 - Eps 116
We learn the truth behind the placebo effect, and dads pick out their daughters' prom dresses. Plus, illusionist Darcy Oake!
6:00 AM
Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood (HD) (DV) - Series 2 - Eps 10 - The Neighbourhood Storm / After the Neighbourhood Storm
The Neighbourhood Storm - There's a big storm coming to the Neighbourhood. Daniel and his friends are a little frightened at first, but the grown ups have a plan to keep everyone safe. / After the Neighbourhood Storm - After the storm, Daniel and his friends are comforted to know that everyone is safe and there are helpers everywhere.
6:30 AM
Super Why! (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 29 - The Foolish Wishes
Whyatt can't decide whether to buy a race car, a bubble potion or a comic book.
7:00 AM
Arthur (HD) (DV) - Series 16 - Eps 6 - The Last Tough Customer / Brain's Chess Mess
The Last Tough Customer - The Tough Customers realize it's time to quit bullying and set out to find a new hobby - but can Molly ever truly change her ways? / Brain's Chess Mess - Brain starts a chess club at school to improve his game and beat Los Dedos, the local chess master.
7:30 AM
Chirp (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 15 - Jurassic Pet
Paleontologists Chirp, Tweet and Squawk are dino hunters who escape the ultimate dinosaur-come-to-life using a rope.
7:45 AM
Bookaboo (HD) - Series 1 - Eps 23 - Anthony Calvillo
Bookaboo is joined by legendary Canadian Football League quarterback Anthony Calvillo who reads him The Legend of Ninja Cowboy Bear.
8:00 AM
Coronation Street (HD) (DV) - Eps. #9420 - Eps. #9425
Now's your chance to catch all episodes you missed from Corrie Street last week.
11:00 AM
The Weekly with Wendy Mesley (HD)
Wendy Mesley takes you behind the headlines to reveal hidden and surprising forces shaping the news and our world.
11:30 AM
Land and Sea (HD) - Winter Jobs
Discovering work that makes the most of winter.
12:00 PM
Our Ottawa (HD)
The stories and people that our city is talking about - every week on CBC's Our Ottawa with Adrian Harewood.
1:00 PM
The Goods (HD) - Series 2 - Eps 114
We learn the basics of foot massage, and Shahir gets a lesson in making samosas. Plus, when not to call 911.
2:00 PM
CBC Sports: HSBC Women's Rugby Sevens - Japan - Final (HD)
CBC Sports will feature women's rugby from Japan.
3:00 PM
HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA ON CBC: STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS (HD) - Game 6 - Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia - Round One - Conference Quarter Finals
Round One - Conference Quarter Finals Game 6 - Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia (Live Full Network) (HD where available)
6:00 PM
Hello Goodbye (HD) (DV) - Series 3 - Eps 5 - I'll Be There
Host Dale Curd speaks with people whose families were emotional rocks for them when the waters of life got rough.
6:30 PM
Hello Goodbye (HD) (DV) - Series 3 - Eps 6 - Love Lines
Families can grow united even after they are torn apart by distance, time and tragedy. Host Dale Curd is meeting people whose families have become stronger despite enduring emotional turmoil.
7:00 PM
Heartland (HD) (DV) - Series XI - Eps 18 - Naming Day
In the days leading up to baby Lyndy's naming ceremony, the Heartland family members find themselves keeping secrets from each other.
8:00 PM
The Nature of Things - (HD) (DV) - The Secret Life of Owls
The Secret Life of Owls reveals the fascinating and mysterious world of Great Horned Owls.
9:00 PM
CBC Docs POV (HD) - Unstoppable: The Fentanyl Epidemic
On the front lines of Canada's deadly synthetic super-drugs battle, an intimate and up close look at the makers and users.
10:00 PM
The National (HD)
CBC's flagship newscast, featuring depth and context from the CBC's bureaus across the country and around the world.
11:00 PM
CBC Late Night News (HD)
The latest news and weather with host Marivel Turac.
11:30 PM
the fifth estate (HD) - Series 43 - Eps 15 - Pulling Back The Curtain
Rocked by allegations of sexual harassment, Soulpepper — one of Canada's most famous theatre companies — promises “renewal and change” but a fifth estate investigation looks at its track record.

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