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Tuesday April 24, 2018EDT

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12:00 AM
Coronation Street (HD) (DV) - Eps. #9426
Fiz and Tyrone give Hope a stiff talking to. Mary comes up with a plan. Sarah and Gail wait for news of Gary. The police question David.
12:30 AM
Coronation Street (HD) (DV) - Eps. #9427
Zeedan finds a steroid needle. Gail quizzes David about the attack. Carla calls at the factory with a bottle of whisky for Aidan. A photographer snaps photos of Robert.
1:00 AM
This Life (HD) (DV) - Series 2 - Eps 10 - Choose Life
In the wake of her medical crisis, Natalie's future is uncertain. Caleb returns home with unexpected news and Matthew, Maggie and Oliver all face big decisions.
2:00 AM
The National (HD)
CBC's flagship newscast, featuring depth and context from the CBC's bureaus across the country and around the world.
3:00 AM
On the Money with Peter Armstrong (HD)
Inside the world of business: thought-provoking insights into the financial stories that matter, with Peter Armstrong.
4:00 AM
Rick Mercer Report (HD) - Series 12 - Eps 2 (DV)
Rick goes on a date with Jann Arden in Edmonton. They try paint balling and Rick discovers what it's like being her tour manager. Rick also turns up at Fredericton's annual New Brunswick Exhibition where he goes harness racing and learns how to carve with a chainsaw.
4:30 AM
22 Minutes (HD) - Series 22 - Eps 18
Tonight on 22 Minutes, Mary Walsh guest stars; changes to classroom sex ed; and reviewing the latest scientific alcohol study.
5:00 AM
The Goods (HD) - Series 2 - Eps 117
Bad makeup gets a second life, and Shahir makes new meals out of leftovers. Plus, beauty products are put to the test by members of the Succulent Six.
6:00 AM
Ottawa Morning (HD)
Join Robyn Bresnahan and the Ottawa Morning team for a fresh take on what you need to know to start your day.
7:00 AM
The Adventures of Napkin Man! (HD) (DV) - Series 3 - Eps 59 - Carnival King
When Trevor is hesitant to try something he feels he's not good at it reminds Mister Anthony about the time Napkin Man helped a little boy named Henry be crowned Carnival King.
7:15 AM
Arthur (HD) (DV) - Series 17 - Eps 2A - Adventures in Budylon
D.W. and Bud embark on an epic wilderness adventure! Dense jungles, jagged peaks, mystical ruins...the backyard has never been so exciting!
7:30 AM
Beat Bugs (DV) - Series 2 - Eps 25B - Anytime at All
Buzz gets a new alarm for emergencies but keeps using it for fun.
7:45 AM
PJ Masks (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 29 - Owlette and the Battling HQs
Night Ninja creates a mighty fortress of his own and plans to use his new HQ to take down PJ Mask headquarters.
8:00 AM
True and the Rainbow Kingdom (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 5 - A Royal Stink
It's Royal Request Day, and the Rainbow King asks True to be Queen for a Day. It's super fun until Stinko comes along.
8:25 AM
The Furchester Hotel (HD) (DV) - Series 4 - Eps 42 - The Fairytale Festival
It's the Fairytale Festival at the Furchester Hotel and all fairytale characters are there to go to the Grand Ball, but when the Big Bad Wolf turns up everyone is scared that he will blow down the hotel!
8:40 AM
The Moblees (HD) (DV) - Series 2 - Eps 11 - Bedtime for Twirlies
Bailey is babysitting the Twirly Triplets, and it's time for their nap, but when Bailey tries to put the Twirly-Whirlies to bed, she finds out it's easier said than done.
8:55 AM
Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood (HD) (DV) - Series 2 - Eps 12 - Daniel Thinks of Others / Daniel Thinks of What Margaret Needs
Daniel Thinks of Others - While making a picture at school Daniel ends up using all of the glitter. What if someone else needs some glitter? / Daniel Thinks of What Margaret Needs - Mom and Dad remind Daniel that he should be aware of how the things he does might affect the needs of others.
9:20 AM
Will's Jams (HD) - Series 1 - Eps 7 - I Feel So Blue
Be transported to Will's wacky and colourful world with a pink flying pig, blue whale, and green turtle while learning about colours and emotions.
9:30 AM
Pablo (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 32 - Surprise!
When Pablo gets a birthday present after his birthday, it is very confusing. He doesn't want to open it, because he doesn't know what's inside and doesn't like surprises.
9:45 AM
Stella & Sam (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 10B - A Home For Cricket
Sam befriends a cricket and helps it find a new home.
10:00 AM
Chirp (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 17 - Sleeping Giant
Chirp, Tweet and Squawk trek to a giant's castle, using straws to outrun a giant and retrieve Princess Tweet's golden crown.
10:15 AM
Bookaboo (HD) - Series 1 - Eps 22 – Cathy Jones
Bookaboo, the Rock Puppy, is joined by Canadian actor, writer and comedian of a thousand faces, Cathy Jones who reads him The Busy Beaver.
10:30 AM
Super Why! (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 31 - The Magic Porridge Pot
Pig can't stop his brand new toy robot when it goes haywire.
11:00 AM
Dragons' Den (HD) (DV) - Series IX - Eps 12
A protective product sparks a Dragon competition and turns heads in the Den; an entrepreneur exposes it all to have the Dragons weigh in; and a couple outlines their eco-friendly solution to a monthly problem. Plus, accomplished Canadian athletes hope the Dragons will join their team.
12:00 PM
CBC News Network (HD)
Throughout the day, CBC News Network brings you live, breaking news from Canada and around the world.
1:00 PM
Escape to the Country (HD) - Series 22 - Eps 33 - West Wales
Jonnie Irwin is in Wales property shopping with a couple looking for a home and business in the Carmarthenshire countryside. They have a generous budget to spend on their rural dream. Away from the house hunt, Jonnie visits a community run business making the country's national instrument.
2:00 PM
The Goods (HD) - Series 2 - Eps 119
Jessi presents styles that are either a hack or just whack, and Shahir makes a delicious veggie butter chicken for 4 for just 10 dollars. Plus, Goods News!
3:00 PM
Heartland (HD) (DV) - Series VIII - Eps 3 - Severed Ties
Amy's attempts to reunite with Georgie are continually thwarted by the arrival of lavish gifts from afar.
4:00 PM
Coronation Street (HD) (DV) - Eps. #9428
Toyah implores Eva to tell Aidan the truth. David searches for Josh. Robert sees the mock-up calendar page bearing his photo. Simon overhears a conversation between Eva and Toyah.
4:30 PM
Bondi Vet (HD) - Series 1 - Eps 14
A puppy has a severe allergic reaction to a sting from a wasp. Dr. Chris makes an emergency trip to a valuable breeding mare who is several days overdue. A tiny puggle refuses to let anyone clip his nails.
5:00 PM
Murdoch Mysteries (HD) (DV) - Series 9 - Eps 11 - A Case of the Yips
While investigating a golfer's murder, Murdoch becomes obsessed with the game.
5:59 PM
CBC Ottawa News (HD)
Coverage of the day's top local news and developing stories that matter to Canadians.
7:00 PM
Hello Goodbye (HD) (DV) - Series 2 - Eps 2 - Never Too Late
They say, “Never say Never...” and sometimes it takes everything we have to transform our lives and truly be who we want to be. In this episode, host Dale Curd meets people at the airport who summoned the courage to change the course of their lives.
7:30 PM
Just For Laughs Gags (HD) (DV)
A camera, some clever practical jokes and a few unsuspecting "victims," and you've got Just For Laughs Gags.
8:00 PM
Rick Mercer Report (HD) - Series 14 - Eps 2 (DV)
Rick is in St. John's, NFLD where he helps feed and care for seals housed at Memorial University's Ocean Sciences Centre and then he heads to Toronto for North America's largest Polish festival where he learns traditional dances and samples the food.
8:30 PM
22 Minutes (HD) - Series 24 - Eps 2
We catch up with Donald Trump in NYC. The episode also features the return of Agnes, a look at the Rogue Tenor's new album, and we Netflix and chill.
9:00 PM
JFL Gala - Laverne Cox: Making History (HD)
Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox brings her flare to Montreal for a night of comedy.
10:00 PM
The National (HD)
CBC's flagship newscast, featuring depth and context from the CBC's bureaus across the country and around the world.
11:00 PM
CBC Ottawa News (HD)
Coverage of the day's top local news and developing stories that matter to Canadians.
11:30 PM
Baroness von Sketch Show (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 1 - I Can't Believe This Used to Take Days
Ad execs struggle with a campaign to market women's soap; writing a sympathy card proves difficult; how far is too far at the cottage? Featuring: Alex Tindal, Kris Siddiqi, Paul Braunstein

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