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"David Morgan's graphic design treatments were terrific."

- Harvey Cashore

"The Producer of "Living Out Loud" was interviewed on "As It Happens" and he talked about Ken Puley (Researcher, Radio Archives). The interview was a testament to the importance of archiving material."

- Greg Hobbs

"It would have been impossible to have done the show we did without the phenomenal Kenny Gray and his stellar Staging Crew"

- Millan Curry-Sharples

"Without this experienced group the show might have been in jeopardy."

- Phil LaChappelle

"Thank you for all your hard work on "Over the Rainbow" It's been a true pleasure!"

- Lesley Birchard

"Dianne Coles (Project Manager) is a strong part in your team and was most helpful in making things work."

- Fred Nicolaidis

Stew (Moore) was very prompt and professional in his immediate follow-up after the event.

- Jane Eisbrenner

Dave Allmark (Technical Producer) and Carla Petruccelli (Project Manager) played an integral role in preparing for "Sounds of the Season."

- Sonia Arab

This entire production crew was excellent, extremely skilled and fabulous to work with.

- Leslie Wasserman

"It was great working with you and your team as well, and it was fantastic working in the CBC building!

- Tony Lomonaco

Excellent working environment that generated the results we were looking for in a tight production schedule.

- David Wilson, PM CBC Doc Unit

so consistently raise our standard and they do it every week.

- Oleh J. Rumak,
The Fifth Estate

The professionalism and the good humour of everyone on our team was being extolled by many people after the show.

- David Kitching,
Culture Days

Thanks again for your dedication, skill and commitment to Popsicle Soccer Day in Canada.

- Karen Sebesta,
CBC Sports

The whole crew worked tirelessly and incredibly well with various suppliers, vendors & clients

- Steve Sloan,
Canada Day

They all worked well beyond their normal boundaries of operation.

- Don Reynolds,
CBC News

The crew at CBC Halifax care about the quality of the product, and go out of their way to make a client happy.

- Geoff D'Eon,
Halifax Comedy Fest

...managed extraordinary and complicated feats of batten management efficiently and safely

- Nick Rose,
Life With Boys

Once again your CBC team has worked magic

- Jim Corston,
Life With Boys

Studio 40

The largest purpose built multi-camera capable studio soundstage in Canada.

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129' ft. x 103' ft., 13,287 sq. ft.
60 ft. at south side, 52 ft. at north side
Loading Door Clearance:
15 ft. wide x 18 ft. high
  • 2 tracks located 5 ft. and 5.5 ft. from wall
  • Black velour limbo at 35 ft. high, full studio surround plus one 20 ft. panel
  • Fabric perforated cyc 35 ft. high x 250 ft. wide
    Front scrim available
  • Cyc pit runs 2/3 of the southern perimeter of the studio
  • Cyc lighting fixtures are permanently installed, with color scrollers
  • The bottom cyc is in the pit, no masking ground row is required, the top cyc is on perimeter battens
  • 600 A, 3 Ø for film production, plus power though lighting batten outlets via 1171 CD 90 dimmers
  • 200 A, 3 Ø, isolated ground audio power
Grid / Battens / Lighting Infrastructure:
Lighting battens and control:

  • The lighting system is also computer controlled
  • 58 motorized lighting battens surrounding the studio in 2 rows, for cyc lighting
  • 106 motorized lighting battens in 17 rows of 6, running east to west
  • DMX network to every batten, patchable individually
  • 120/208 1Ø AC (Non Dim) to every batten, switchable via DMX
  • Obsession II and Compulite Spark Lighting Consoles

Follow spot platforms:

Studio 40 is equipped with 3 follow spot locations for large followspots at the north end of the studio. The platforms are at the 24 ft. level, there is one centre spot position, one in the NW corner and one in the NE corner of the studio. Smaller followspots can also be mounted on the catwalk that surrounds the studio at the 33 ft. level.
Staging / Fly System:
  • State of the art Niscon Raynok control system
  • 84 motorized, computer controlled battens, 22 feet in length
  • 3 battens per line running east/west
  • 212 kg/440 lb. Maximum capacity per batten
  • 21 battens fly to 60 ft. maximum at north side
  • 63 battens fly to 52 ft. maximum at south side