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"David Morgan's graphic design treatments were terrific."

- Harvey Cashore

"The Producer of "Living Out Loud" was interviewed on "As It Happens" and he talked about Ken Puley (Researcher, Radio Archives). The interview was a testament to the importance of archiving material."

- Greg Hobbs

"It would have been impossible to have done the show we did without the phenomenal Kenny Gray and his stellar Staging Crew"

- Millan Curry-Sharples

"Without this experienced group the show might have been in jeopardy."

- Phil LaChappelle

"Thank you for all your hard work on "Over the Rainbow" It's been a true pleasure!"

- Lesley Birchard

"Dianne Coles (Project Manager) is a strong part in your team and was most helpful in making things work."

- Fred Nicolaidis

Stew (Moore) was very prompt and professional in his immediate follow-up after the event.

- Jane Eisbrenner

Dave Allmark (Technical Producer) and Carla Petruccelli (Project Manager) played an integral role in preparing for "Sounds of the Season."

- Sonia Arab

This entire production crew was excellent, extremely skilled and fabulous to work with.

- Leslie Wasserman

"It was great working with you and your team as well, and it was fantastic working in the CBC building!

- Tony Lomonaco

Excellent working environment that generated the results we were looking for in a tight production schedule.

- David Wilson, PM CBC Doc Unit

so consistently raise our standard and they do it every week.

- Oleh J. Rumak,
The Fifth Estate

The professionalism and the good humour of everyone on our team was being extolled by many people after the show.

- David Kitching,
Culture Days

Thanks again for your dedication, skill and commitment to Popsicle Soccer Day in Canada.

- Karen Sebesta,
CBC Sports

The whole crew worked tirelessly and incredibly well with various suppliers, vendors & clients

- Steve Sloan,
Canada Day

They all worked well beyond their normal boundaries of operation.

- Don Reynolds,
CBC News

The crew at CBC Halifax care about the quality of the product, and go out of their way to make a client happy.

- Geoff D'Eon,
Halifax Comedy Fest

...managed extraordinary and complicated feats of batten management efficiently and safely

- Nick Rose,
Life With Boys

Once again your CBC team has worked magic

- Jim Corston,
Life With Boys

Event Bookings

Glenn Gould Studio may be rented to business organizations and individuals for seminars, meetings, product launches and other events. All bookings are subject to the availability, policies and rental terms of the Studio.

Glenn Gould Studio offers business groups an exciting, reasonably priced alternate venue to hotel, meeting or convention rooms for their next gathering. Located in the Canadian Broadcasting Centre across from the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and the Rogers Centre, Glenn Gould Studio is a short walk from the Bay-University-King Street business area of downtown Toronto.

Glenn Gould Studio is built in the classic shoebox concert hall design, and is constructed of oak and maple flooring, plaster walls and polylaminate materials. It has been designed for performance, but can be used successfully for conferences, meetings, press conferences, rear-screen video projection, screenings and shareholder meetings. It can accommodate up to 341 people comfortably in a surprisingly intimate environment that offers both privacy and elegance. The adjoining lobby works well for receptions and informal gatherings.

The stage (50' wide by 27' deep) is 16" above floor level and takes up a full third of the room. Rear-screen projection systems up to 11' by 20' can be accommodated. A lectern and sound reinforcement system are also available.

Its location in the Canadian Broadcasting Centre allows access to state of the art communications and recording facilities. Satellite uplink connection, multitrack recording and prop rental can all be coordinated through Glenn Gould Studio.

The Studio is rented in blocks of time (7 hrs, 11 hrs, or full day), subject to availability. Each rental period includes an 8-hour technician day. Any other time will be subject to conditions laid out in the CBC/CMG collective agreement.

Rental Fee includes the following:

  • Glenn Gould Studio auditorium with available lighting system and setup.
  • Lectern
  • Lobby/reception area.
  • Public washrooms (including private wheelchair washroom).
  • Backstage facilities: Lounge, 2 private dressing rooms (one with wheelchair access), 2 large dressing rooms, washrooms.
  • House technician for stage set-up and operation of existing lighting setup.
  • Front-of-House personnel (ushers &coat check) for a four-hour call.
  • For events involving an audience in Glenn Gould Studio, use of the resident usher corps is required.

  • seats (theatre type, centre aisle)
  • 4 wheelchair positions house: 60' width, 60' length, 30' height (nominal)
  • stage: 50' width, 27' depth (nominal)
  • licensed under LLBO for 322 people (standing)
  • direct, private entrance from Front Street West
  • coatcheck facilities for 175 people
  • PA systems available
Other Spaces:
  • 2 large dressing rooms, 2 private dressing rooms
  • backstage lounge & washrooms
  • stage manager position with window overlooking auditorium
  • backstage crossover to audio control room
  • 2 soundproof announce booths (e.g. for simultaneous translation)
  • small technical balcony
  • equipped with small and large sound reinforcement systems, monitors
  • 2 channel Clear Com throughout (includes RF headsets).
  • 65 instrument lighting system on 5 grids
  • 96 mic lines, 34 audio trunks, ten video lines accessed from 5 stage boxes, ceiling and house positions
  • sound reinforcement system (please refer to technical sheets)
Additional Services (above Basic Rental fee)
Media Access:
  • Coverage of event by Radio (other than CBC)
  • Television/Cable/Internet coverage (other than CBC)
Recording Services:
  • Audio (using CBC 2-track equipment)
  • Video (as above plus fixed house camera)
  • Archival audio and/or video recordings of event (licensee will be required to sign an archival recording release form)
Sound Reinforcement:
  • House sound reinforcement system
  • CBC sound reinforcement technician
  • (A renting organization may engage its own sound reinforcement technician to work on its behalf with Glenn Gould Studio equipment. CBC retains the right of approval for such individuals.)
Other Equipment:
  • Wireless lav or handheld microphones
  • Rear-projection video equipment (Operation of video projection equipment may involve the services of an additional technician.)
  • Onstage 4-level risers (6 available)
  • 60 amp, 3 phase power hookup and removal
Additional Staging Personnel:
  • Glenn Gould Studio management reserves the right to assign additional stagehands based on the technical requirements for the event.
  • As with the House Technician, the stagehand(s) will report directly to Glenn Gould Studio management.

General Information
Any professional catering service (subject to Glenn Gould Studio acceptance) may be engaged by a renting organization to function on its behalf in Glenn Gould Studio. The facility is a licensed facility, therefore all alcoholic beverages must be ordered through Glenn Gould Studio. Requests for specific brands must be supplied to the Front of House Manager at least ten business days prior to the event. The Studio and its washrooms are wheelchair accessible.

Glenn Gould Studio can accommodate "buffet-style" catering only in the lobby. Glenn Gould Studio policy does not allow for "sit down" dinners in either the lobby or Studio.

Fire regulations do not allow for standing room in the Studio during events.

Stage entrance for performers and equipment is 25 John Street.

Renting organizations must provide documentation of the following insurance coverage for its occupancy period in the Glenn Gould Studio: comprehensive general liability in an amount of not less than $2,000,000 per occurrence.

Deposit required is a minimum of 50% of the Basic Rental Fee, payable upon confirmation. Deposit is non-refundable. Payment will be accepted in cash or by money order and certified cheque.

There are a number of parking lots within walking distance of Glenn Gould Studio. The closest above-ground lot is located in the north-west corner of Front and John Streets, 1/2 block west of the main studio entrance. There is another above-ground parking is situated on the east side of the Broadcasting Centre, a 1/2 block west of Simcoe Street, with its entrance on Wellington Street. Underground parking is available at Roy Thomson Hall and Metro Hall with their garage entrances accessible from Wellington Street. The Metro Convention Centre offers underground parking, and this garage can be entered via Simcoe Street. There is also underground parking available in the Workers Safety and Insurance (WSIB) building located in the north-west corner of Simcoe and Front Street West. This garage must be entered from Front Street, and is connected to the Broadcasting Centre by the underground path system. Parking charges vary considerably according to time of day and local events.

Download a map of the area surrounding Glenn Gould Studio, with highlighted parking areas.