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"David Morgan's graphic design treatments were terrific."

- Harvey Cashore

"The Producer of "Living Out Loud" was interviewed on "As It Happens" and he talked about Ken Puley (Researcher, Radio Archives). The interview was a testament to the importance of archiving material."

- Greg Hobbs

"It would have been impossible to have done the show we did without the phenomenal Kenny Gray and his stellar Staging Crew"

- Millan Curry-Sharples

"Without this experienced group the show might have been in jeopardy."

- Phil LaChappelle

"Thank you for all your hard work on "Over the Rainbow" It's been a true pleasure!"

- Lesley Birchard

"Dianne Coles (Project Manager) is a strong part in your team and was most helpful in making things work."

- Fred Nicolaidis

Stew (Moore) was very prompt and professional in his immediate follow-up after the event.

- Jane Eisbrenner

Dave Allmark (Technical Producer) and Carla Petruccelli (Project Manager) played an integral role in preparing for "Sounds of the Season."

- Sonia Arab

This entire production crew was excellent, extremely skilled and fabulous to work with.

- Leslie Wasserman

"It was great working with you and your team as well, and it was fantastic working in the CBC building!

- Tony Lomonaco

Excellent working environment that generated the results we were looking for in a tight production schedule.

- David Wilson, PM CBC Doc Unit

so consistently raise our standard and they do it every week.

- Oleh J. Rumak,
The Fifth Estate

The professionalism and the good humour of everyone on our team was being extolled by many people after the show.

- David Kitching,
Culture Days

Thanks again for your dedication, skill and commitment to Popsicle Soccer Day in Canada.

- Karen Sebesta,
CBC Sports

The whole crew worked tirelessly and incredibly well with various suppliers, vendors & clients

- Steve Sloan,
Canada Day

They all worked well beyond their normal boundaries of operation.

- Don Reynolds,
CBC News

The crew at CBC Halifax care about the quality of the product, and go out of their way to make a client happy.

- Geoff D'Eon,
Halifax Comedy Fest

...managed extraordinary and complicated feats of batten management efficiently and safely

- Nick Rose,
Life With Boys

Once again your CBC team has worked magic

- Jim Corston,
Life With Boys

Control Room for Studios 43/65

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Cameras / Lens:
  • 3 Sony HDC-1000 Cameras with 25:1 6.8mm lens
  • 2 Sony HDC-1500 Handheld Cameras with 3 11:1 4.7mm lenses
  • Sony MVS 8000A c/w 48 inputs and 4 mx effects busses
Video Effects:
  • Sony MVE - 9000 4-channel Digital Video Effects unit
  • 1 Harris Inscriber 2 input G3
  • 1 Harris Inscriber 2 input G7
The TPC has centralized record and playback facilities that can be customized according to your production needs. We support a variety of formats.
Audio / Communications:
  • SSL C100 Audio console with 48 inputs of Audio I/O and 128 AES I/O (256 channels of AES)
  • 1 Blue Ray DVD Player
  • 1 CD Player
  • 1 CD Recorder
  • 1 Sony DWV A500 VTR
  • 2 360 Digicarts
  • 1 Dell Precision T3500 spot on unit
  • 1 Digidesign Protools 48 track 192 AES input
  • 2 Reverb + 1 effects processing unit
  • 1 x Dolby E encoder
  • 1 x Dolby E decoder
  • 1 x Dolby surround prologic 2 Encoder
  • 1 x Dolby DP564 Multi Decoder
  • 1 x Dolby mulitichannel audio tool Dobly DP 570 Adam Intercomm
  • 5.1 Audio Room monitoring - 5x Genelec 7070A subwoofer
  • 5.1 control roo monitoring 5x Genelec 8040 A + 2 Genelec 7060A subwoofer