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"Once again your CBC team has worked magic. As you may know we are putting together an aircraft in Studio…

- Jim Corston,
Life With Boys

"I am particularly grateful to the two Chris' (Chris Papadopoulos, Staging Crewleader & Chris Germanakos, Lighting Director) who have managed…

- Nick Rose,
Life With Boys

"On the heels of a successful launch of MOS in Ottawa local news and NN Power and Politics imminent, I'd…

- Don Reynolds,
CBC News

"with leaders like Marianne & Bruce, the whole TPC crew worked tirelessly and incredibly well with various suppliers, vendors &…

- Steve Sloan,
Canada Day

"Sports Weekend can be a challenge with tight turnarounds of international events. It is made easier with operators like Angela…

- Phil LaChapelle,
Program Name

"Just a quick note to express my appreciation to Wil, Jesse & Raffi for working out the spare encoder problem…

- Paul Marshall,
Program Name

"...everyone from maintenance has been fantastic, the whole department was great - instant reponse in an emergency"

- Nicole Durrant,
Program Name

"Your leadership skills are amazing. Every member of the election team respects you and can't say enough about your abilities.…

- Fred Parker,
Program Name

"everyone was extremely proactive in trying to solve this issue (audio in Studio 53). It was greatly appreciated"

- Melissa Mercer,
Program Name

"...The National had to do a lot of juggling to add Breaking News for the US debt crisis. Gord was…

- Jodi Ganz,
Program Name

"Bruce (Whiteford) & Marianne (Teminski), this would not have been possible without your diligence, patience, hard work, and willingness to…

- Tom Dinsmore,
Program Name

"This year, it was possible due to great... an expert technical crew... Thanks again for your dedication, skill and commitment…

- Karen Sebesta,
CBC Sports

"The professionalism and the good humour of everyone on our team was being extolled by many, many people after the…

- David Kitching,
Culture Days

"thanks for all your hard work, preparation and valuable contribution to our 15 hours of television from Winnipeg two weeks…

- Larry Issac,
Program Name

"so consistently raise our standard and they do it every week. I, as many producers on our program, continue to…

- Oleh J. Rumak,
The Fifth Estate

"Thank you all very much for pulling this together (3D broadcast). I expect the reason you haven't heard from anyone…

- Bob Kerr,
Program Name

The team work and performance displayed by our studio team were key components to an excellent working environment that generated the results we…

- David Wilson, PM CBC Doc Unit

"It was great working with you and your team as well, and it was fantastic working in the CBC…

- Tony Lomonaco

"This entire production crew was excellent, extremely skilled and fabulous to work with. They all were very creative and enthusiastic…

- Leslie Wasserman

Dave Allmark (Technical Producer) and Carla Petruccelli (Project Manager) played an integral role in preparing for "Sounds of the Season".…

- Sonia Arab

Stew (Moore) was very helpful in getting us access to the studio and was very prompt and professional in his immediate…

- Jane Eisbrenner

"Dianne Coles (Project Manager) is a strong part in your team and was most helpful in making things work for…

- Fred Nicolaidis

"Thank you for all your hard work on "Over the Rainbow"  It's been a true pleasure!"

- Lesley Birchard

"Without this experienced group the show might have been in jeopardy."

- Phil LaChappelle

"It would have been impossible to have done the show we did without the phenomenal Kenny Gray and his stellar…

- Millan Curry-Sharples

"The Producer of "Living Out Loud" was interviewed on "As It Happens" and he talked about Ken Puley (Researcher, Radio…

- Greg Hobbs

"I wanted to acknowledge the great work that David Morgan did on the "Fake ID" story.  His graphic design treatments…

- Harvey Cashore

Audio Mobile Truck

Equipped to handle any remote requirement, including 5.1 recording, the Toronto Audio Mobile offers the latest audio production technology in a self contained package..

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Recording Console
  • Euphonix System 5, 48 faders, fully automated
  • 108 analogue inputs- 80 mic preamps
  • 112- AES I/O
  • Surround Sound monitoring
Recorders / Storage Mediums
  • 1 48 Dig I/O ProTools HD3
  • 2 iZ RADAR 24/96 24tk Nyquist with SCSI & DVD combo drives
  • 1 Pro-tools 002
  • 1 Alexis Masterlink CD Recorder
  • 4 HHB CD-R 850 CD Recorder
  • 1 Sony Compact Disc Player
Monitoring System (Bryston Amplification)
  • Main KRK V8-2
  • Near/Surround Genelec 1040
  • Subwoofer Genelec 1060B
Ancillary Equipment
  • 1 Lexicon 480L Digital Effects System
  • 1 T.C. Electronics 6000 Digital Effects System
  • 1 T.C. Electronics M2000 Digital Effects Processor
  • 1 Drawmer Masterflow DC2476
  • 1 BSS DPR-402 Compressor, De-Esser, Peak Limiter
  • 1 SSL Logic FX G 384 Stereo Compressor
  • 4 UREI 1176LN
  • 1 Neve Stereo Compressor Limiter
  • 1 Millennia HV3-D 8 channel mic preamp
  • 3 Avalon AD 2022 Dual Mono Mic-pre
  • 2 Avalon Vt 737sp Mono Mic pre/compressor/EQ
  • 1 HME 4-Channel Wireless Clear-com
  • 2 8 ch Genex A/D
  • 2 8 ch Genex D/A
  • 6 B&K/DPA 4006 (Omni)
  • 4 Shure SM 58
  • 4 Shure SM 57
  • 3 Neumann KM 84
  • 2 AKG 535
  • 1 EV RE-20
  • 1 AKG D119
  • 2 Audio Technica Shotgun
  • 6 Countryman Active DI's
Cabling and I/O
  • 3 300' 40 pr Mass snakes, one with 3-DT12 connectors in parallel
  • 3 40 ch stage boxes, 2 with xformer splits, and 1 non-xformer split
  • Multiple Analog and digital O/Ps
  • AES and Video sync I/Ps
  • Multiple Video I/Ps with 12x2 switcher
  • 7.1 and stereo monitor O/Ps
  • Remote controlled monitor camera
Truck Specs and Power
  • 100 amps single phase built-in generator