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The team work and performance displayed by our studio team were key components to an excellent working environment that generated the results we…

- David Wilson, PM CBC Doc Unit

Once again your CBC team has worked magic

- Jim Corston,
Life With Boys

...managed extraordinary and complicated feats of batten management efficiently and safely

- Nick Rose,
Life With Boys

They all worked well beyond their normal boundaries of operation.

- Don Reynolds,
CBC News

The whole crew worked tirelessly and incredibly well with various suppliers, vendors & clients

- Steve Sloan,
Canada Day

"Sports Weekend can be a challenge with tight turnarounds of international events. It is made easier with operators like Angela…

- Phil LaChapelle,
Program Name

"...everyone from maintenance has been fantastic, the whole department was great - instant reponse in an emergency"

- Nicole Durrant,
Program Name

"Your leadership skills are amazing. Every member of the election team respects you and can't say enough about your abilities.…

- Fred Parker,
Program Name

"...The National had to do a lot of juggling to add Breaking News for the US debt crisis. Gord was…

- Jodi Ganz,
Program Name

"Bruce (Whiteford) & Marianne (Teminski), this would not have been possible without your diligence, patience, hard work, and willingness to…

- Tom Dinsmore,
Program Name

Thanks again for your dedication, skill and commitment to Popsicle Soccer Day in Canada.

- Karen Sebesta,
CBC Sports

The professionalism and the good humour of everyone on our team was being extolled by many people after the show.

- David Kitching,
Culture Days

"thanks for all your hard work, preparation and valuable contribution to our 15 hours of television from Winnipeg two weeks…

- Larry Issac,
Program Name

so consistently raise our standard and they do it every week.

- Oleh J. Rumak,
The Fifth Estate

"Thank you all very much for pulling this together (3D broadcast). I expect the reason you haven't heard from anyone…

- Bob Kerr,
Program Name

The team work and performance displayed by our studio team were key components to an excellent working environment that generated the results we…

- David Wilson, PM CBC Doc Unit

"It was great working with you and your team as well, and it was fantastic working in the CBC building!

- Tony Lomonaco

This entire production crew was excellent, extremely skilled and fabulous to work with.

- Leslie Wasserman

Dave Allmark (Technical Producer) and Carla Petruccelli (Project Manager) played an integral role in preparing for "Sounds of the Season."

- Sonia Arab

Stew (Moore) was very prompt and professional in his immediate follow-up after the event.

- Jane Eisbrenner

"Dianne Coles (Project Manager) is a strong part in your team and was most helpful in making things work."

- Fred Nicolaidis

"Thank you for all your hard work on "Over the Rainbow" It's been a true pleasure!"

- Lesley Birchard

"Without this experienced group the show might have been in jeopardy."

- Phil LaChappelle

"It would have been impossible to have done the show we did without the phenomenal Kenny Gray and his stellar Staging Crew"

- Millan Curry-Sharples

"The Producer of "Living Out Loud" was interviewed on "As It Happens" and he talked about Ken Puley (Researcher, Radio Archives). The interview was a testament to the importance of archiving material."

- Greg Hobbs

"David Morgan's graphic design treatments were terrific."

- Harvey Cashore

"everyone was extremely proactive in trying to solve this issue (audio in Studio 53). It was greatly appreciated"

- Melissa Mercer,
Network & News Production Services

"Just a quick note to express my appreciation to Wil, Jesse & Raffi for working out the spare encoder…

- Paul Marshall,
CBC Network Sports

Media Production Services located in the heart of downtown Toronto



The facilities at the Toronto Broadcast Centre are managed by its Media Production Services department and we pride ourselves on providing services that are user friendly, flexible and responsive, at competitive rates.

The Toronto Broadcast Centre is a unique, high quality HD production environment that offers studio, post production and graphic design facilities, equipment rentals, broadcast and maintenance services and a Design consulting service. These services are available separately or collectively - all under one roof.

The studio facilities include sound stages ranging in size from 1,386 to 13,287 square feet featuring flying staging and lighting grid systems. The HD control rooms are state of the art using Sony 1000 and 1500 cameras. Technical Stores rents a wide variety of equipment including video, camera support, jib platforms, audio and lighting as well as power distribution. Our technical crews are experienced and talented in all craft categories and available for hire if required.

Post Production offers a range of services including 45 edit suites for edit and finishing services on both AVID and Final Cut Studio platforms and 7 post audio recording and mixing rooms with protools 5.1 surround mixing.

Graphic Design is an industry leader in original motion design and animation and is staffed by over 30 art directors, designers and animators.

Photos, technical specifications, floor plans and more can be found on our website pages - so please check them out.

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